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PRR North-South

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1890 5th and Main turntable

PDF Format showing the turn table and surrounding streets and structures

circa 1900
A view of the Pan Handle (PRR) station at 9th and Fletcher in Anderson. If you look at the large picture, you will note that there are no automobiles in the picture, only horse drawn conveyances and bicycles. On the right of the station are milk cans and on the far left, you can see mail and/or baggage being loaded. Postcard Photo - Marvin Crim Collection

Here is a photo I found taken about 1887-1900 showing a Livery Stable where the Grain and Coal deales would be later. This is between the depot and St. Mary church.

circa 1909 - Anderson PRR Station
The Pennsylvania station at 9th and Fletcher. In the back right is the old Madison County Jail (white building) and the Norton Brewing Co. which was the Ralston Purina feeds in the 50s. Across the street were hotels and small shops that catered to the traveler in better days. Note the 'Home Made' and Gospel Trumpet signs. Postcard Photo - Roger Hensley Collection.
I've never seen those buildings South of the station. This is the PRR Passenger Station at 9th and Fletcher Streets in Anderson from the North side showing Union Grain and Coal and St. Mary's steeple in the background. - Bradford Douglas Collection.
And this one just came to me from Mike Hayes. He sez: "Here is a different picture of Anderson PRR depot with more action. I bought this off Ebay from a guy in Australia. Photographer unknown. It's approximately 1910 to 1915."
Mike Hayes Collection

PRR Depot in Anderson
Ron Stuckey Photo
This photo is available from John Fuller,

PRR Frieght House - 1910 This is the PRR Freight House at 5th and Main (just north of the intersection). It is listed as being 1910. The building is long gone, but there are still tracks showing through the pavement. Across the tracks to the left, was an ice house. This was very common practice then for filling ice cars (refrigerated cars) to prevent perishables from spoiling.
1910 Postcard Photo - Ron Buser Collection

circa 1920
Dow Tower (JR)
The Dow guarded the crossing of the Big 4 and the PRR in North Anderson. It also was responsible for the tracks running both North and South from there. The coaling tower and tracks at Florida Station were under it's control.

The 9th Street Tunnel was built to carry rail traffic over a creek that flowed underneath to White River. - c 1925

1920 Pennsylvania Railroad Yards
A bird's-eye view of the Pennsylvania Railroad yards, south of Union Station in Indianapolis, which is seen in the background. A train is on the tracks in the center, and freight cars are visible on the right.
W. H. Bass Photo Company Collection

ca 1935
Passenger Train (4-6-2 Pacific) at the station in Anderson
The Norton Brewery ia in the background
MCHS Photo

It was just after 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon Jan. 9, 1938, when an Indiana Railroad city passenger bus en route downtown from North Anderson stopped about 10 feet before the railroad crossing. The driver looked both directions before driving onto the tracks but did not see the approaching train.
After waiting for about 15 seconds, the bus gradually pulled onto the tracks. At that same moment, the eyewitness observed the engine of a rapidly approaching southbound Pennsylvania passenger train looming over the bus not more than 35 to 40 feet from Jackson.
The ensuing collision was described simply as a yellow streak hurtling through the air with dust and papers flying in all directions. The steam locomotive struck the bus a short distance behind the right entrance door and split the vehicle into two sections hurling both sections through the air and down a fifteen foot embankment on the east side of Jackson Street. Members of the Pennsylvania train crew placed the time at nine minutes past three.
Circa 1938
Pennsylvania 4-6-2 Pacific
K-4 3771


Association of American Railroads Ad
"If the railroads are so good, why aren't they rich"
The Saturday Evening Post - date unknown

Wendell L. Willkie Special North of Anderson in 1940. The sidings in the photo were controlled from JR Tower (DOW) at Cross and Indiana Ave. Willkie traveled extensively by train during his campaign for President.
George Witt Photo (deceased) - Ron Stuckey Collection
This photo is available from John Fuller,

Late 1940s
PRR 2-8-0
Roger Hensley Collection
0-6-0 taking water
Ed Belknap Photo
PRR 9825
At Richmond before it was renumbered to 1525.
Roger Hensley Collection

Circa 1948-49
The PRR Yard at 5th and Main looking North.

Bert Hodge Photo.

John Pickett writes: "Richmond Station with shed, probably taken in 1948. East bound Penn Texas arriving Track 1 - passing westbound diesel fuel towers.
Photo by John Pickett

November 1950
John Pickett writes: "The T-1 that I rode behind from Dayton area on Nov 1, 1950 pulling Jeffersonian, all coach NY to St Louis. No diesel fueling towers needed that day. Track 3. 9th Street curved to right going north as seen in extreme left of picture in Richmond.
Photo by John Pickett

Early 1950s
Until now, I didn't realize there is conductor or someone in uniform shadowing the fueler. I believe this picture was taken from the small tower that stood at the 9th crossing. My mother grew-up a few hundred yards away directly behind this picture on what she calls short 9th in Richmond. The house is still there - white with green trim. - Joe Iacuone
Photo by John Pickett

September 26, 1952
PRR 7787 in yard near downtown Anderson
Kirk Hise Collection.

PRR yard at 5th and Main
Kirk Hise Collection.
PRR 9097 near Delco Tower in Anderson
Kirk Hise Collection.
PRR 9247 with 980895 Cabin Car in yard
Kirk Hise Collection.
Prr southbound at Delco Tower in Anderson - Head End prepares to pick up orders.
Kirk Hise Collection.

Philadelphia Quartz x 807 on Rrepair Track at NYC South Anderson Yard
Kirk Hise Collection.
Wabash 1168A in yard by Philadelphia Quartz plant. Working as PRR
Kirk Hise Collection.

Circa 1954
PRR 10 wheeler 2-8-0, Logansport, IN
sometime in the '50s. Photographer unknown.
Slide form the collection of John Troxler

The following photos were taken by Maynard Krug. Bob Krug has placed them on
The direct address is

7/29/1955 at Anderson Indiana

PRR track gang replacing ties on the Richmond Branch

Photo by Maynard Krug - Bob Krug Collection

Woolery Weed Burner on the Richmond Branch (PRR)
Photo by Maynard Krug - Bob Krug Collection
Step #2 of weed control

Photo by Maynard Krug - Bob Krug Collection

This photo came from the East Coast and the date is general. It is a great shot of the locomotive
Marvin Crim Collection

1/26/1956 at Elwood Indiana
Wreck of PRR freight train RH-8
In 1956 the PRR transferred my father out to Anderson, Indiana, where he served as track supervisor of the PRR's Richmond Branch between Richmond and Logansport, IN. Here's the wreck train in the aftermath of a freight wreck / derailment near Elwood, Indiana
Photo by Maynard Krug - Bob Krug Collection
WAB 14558 (Gondola)

Photo by Maynard Krug - Bob Krug Collection

PRR 999416 (MofW Equipment) CRIP 83236 (Gondola).
Dad was transferred by the PRR out to Anderson, Indiana, where he was track supervisor of the PRR's Richmond Branch, which ran from Richmond to Logansport, IN. This was his first train derailment on the Richmond Branch.
Photo by Maynard Krug - Bob Krug Collection
PRR 999416 (MofW Equipment) WAB 14558 (Gondola)
Call out the BIG HOOKS!
Photo by Maynard Krug - Bob Krug Collection
PRR 999416 (MofW Equipment)

Photo by Maynard Krug - Bob Krug Collection

Photo by Maynard Krug - Bob Krug Collection

2/7/1956 at Kokomo Indiana

Wreck of PRR Passenger Train #208

PRR 5778(DR6-4-2000)
PRR Baldwin Sharknose 5778 lies on its side in Kokomo, Indiana. This was PRR passenger train #208, which ran from Chicago to Cincinnati. The train had made it's regularly scheduled station stop in Kokomo, and was accelerating southbound when the lead engine was diverted by a mis-thrown switch onto an industrial siding, the curvature of which caused the lead unit to tip over from inertia. Fortunately the train wasn't rolling at high speed yet, and the engineer and firemen both survived. None of the trailing cars tipped over, and there were no injuries among the passengers or train crew. Subsequent investigation determined that the switch had been thrown by a young boy (approx age 10-12) who had somehow obtained a switch key, unlocked the siding switch, and thrown it ahead of the train.
Photo by Maynard Krug - Bob Krug Collection

Photo by Maynard Krug - Bob Krug Collection

Baldwin Sharknose PRR 5778 lies toppled on an industrial siding in Kokomo, IN
Photo by Maynard Krug - Bob Krug Collection
PRR 4032 (Passenger Car) PRR 999416 (MofW Equipment)

Photo by Maynard Krug - Bob Krug Collection

10/1/1956 Richmond Indiana

PRR 6468 Eastbound on the Pittsburgh-St Louis Main Line
While waiting for the day passenger train for a return inspection trip back to his home base in Anderson, IN, my father, who was track supervisor on the PRR's Richmond Branch snapped this slide of a Pennsy Class J-1 behemoth. The J-1 class was Juniata built, but copied from a C&O design. It lacks the belpaire firebox / boiler commonly found on other PRR steam locomotives, and sports a keystone smokebox number plate instead of the round number plates found on most other classes of PRR freight locomotives. According to Dad, the J-1 was a water hog; even with that big tender, it had to be watered frequently. Dad also said the J-1 class tended to stay on PRR Lines West in the twilight years of Pennsy steam. All Pennsy J-1's were scrapped; none survive.
Photo by Maynard Krug - Bob Krug Collection

- - - End - - -

Circa 1956
PRR yard and freight station at 5th & Main
Norm Cook photo.

Mid 1960s
PRR 4257
Crossing Broadway in Anderson. Roger Hensley Photo.

Mid 1960s
Delco Tower
Roger Hensley Collection

1966 - mid 70s - mid to late 80s
Photo history of PRR SW7 9373
PRR EMD SW 7 (PRR Class ES12) 9373 [Built 1950] in 1966 in Anderson
Marvin Crim Collection.
Penn Central EMD SW 7 (PRR Class ES12) 9073 (renumbered from PRR 9373) in mid-'70s at Anderson.
Marvin Crim Collection.
CR EMD SW 7 (PRR Class ES12) 9373 [Built 1950] in mid-to-late '80s -- Buckeye Yard in Columbus, OH
Marvin Crim Collection.

c 1968
The 9th Street Bridge leads to the tunnel underneath the Pennsylvania RR. This bridge was built in 1920 and replaced the earlier bridge. It was abandoned in 1979 when Conrail took the line - c 1968

April 1969
Pennsylvania RR Service Report
Time and Service Report
- Yard Trainmen (4-69)
Delco Tower
Passenger train getting ready to receive orders.
John Fuller Photo
This photo is available from John Fuller,
PC 4287 passenger at Delco Tower eastbound
John Fuller Photo
This photo is available from John Fuller,
PC 1773 leads freight past Delco Tower westbound
John Fuller Photo
This photo is available from John Fuller,

Delco Tower in color, NYC view
John Fuller Photo
This photo is available from John Fuller,

Old freight and passenger station
5th and Main

This is the same freight station in the photo from 1910. The front second story has been removed and the front turned into a passenger station.

c 1976
PRR Railroad along Cincinnatti Ave. from 18th Street looking North toward the city.

PRR Elwood 1911 Elwood PCC & St L. Depot (PRR)
View of the PRR train station in Elwood, Indiana. The depot is made of brick and stone. Four people are near the building, one of them is sitting on a bicycle.
Postmark: 1911-07-05
Mid 1960s
Elwood Depot
Bob Mc Cord Photo
This photo is available from John Fuller,
Elwood depot
Passenger Train at Station
Bob Mc Cord Photo
This photo is available from John Fuller,

Last PC Passenger - Elwood April 30, 1971
Elwood PRR Station
The picture here is of the last Penn Central Passenger Run Northbound through Elwood.
Photo by Marvin Crim.
Elwood Passenger Station
John Fuller Photo
This photo is available from John Fuller,
Elwood Freight Station
John Fuller Photo
These photos are available from John Fuller,

Mid 1960s
Elwood Block Station
Marvin Crim Collection
Elwood Block Station
John Fuller Photo
This photo is available from John Fuller,

These two E8s have been restored in Pennsylvania colors and placed in operation on excursion duty.

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