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  Railroads of Madison County

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There are many photos here that are old with no actual dates. I leave it to the viewer to pick out the date.

All photos here are from the Doug Linne Collection.

1902 - Shelbyville Big Four train


Amos Road construction completed in 1907 - Amos Road train viaduct

Shelbyville BigFour Elevator

August 1908 - Shelbyville - St Paul Homecoming

1913 flood Big Four washout and pile driver
Shelbyville 1913 flood Big Four bridge over Blue River
Shelbyville 1913 flood washout on the BigFour

Shelbyville - Fairland IC viaduct over Big Four Railroad

1914 - Shelbyville - Waldron train wreck

March 28, 1915 - Shelbyville IC Traction Company schedule

Shelbyville Desk Company unloading lumber

Shelbyville Interurban car with the Interurban crossover bridge over the NYC tracks East of Shelbyville just West of Thompson Road in background

Shelbyville Interurban car at the NW corner of Harrison and Broadway

1932 - Shelbyville Interurban car on Public Square

Shelbyville Depot

Shelbyville Depot loading freight

Shelbyville Depot unloading freight

Shelbyville - St Paul train wreck

Shelbyville Vine Street Tower

Shelbyville Big Four tracks from Vine Street tower and Broadway

Shelbyville Vine Street Tower demolition

Shelbyville Historical marker on E Mighigan Road

Picture Credits:
All photos are from the Doug Linne Collection

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