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Caboose Photo Page

Photos Needed - I'm looking for photos of railroad subjects in Madison County. They may be trains, locomotives, freight or... - click for more -
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Central Indiana Ry number 7 in Anderson, 1937
7 was a Big Four lcl (less than car load) caboose designed to haul packages as well as the crew. Note the freight door on the side. The tall cupola and the looped ladder ends on the ladders were trade marks of the Big Four (CCC&StL). Number 7 was struck by lightning and burned in early 50s at Boomer. The crew shoved it into the siding just West of 500 W while burning to clear the main.
Si Herring Photo. Roger Hensley Collection.

Central Indiana Ry number 8 in Lebanon, 1940
Caboose #8 sits next to the Big Four Interchange in Lebanon on 9-19-40.
Dan Herrmann Collection.

circa 1948
NYC 20430 - Shirley, IN circa 1948
One of two original steel cabs on the Michigan Division. Notice the oil markers. It was coal heated and has coil spring trucks. - MEL
Maurice Lewman Photo

Mid 1950s
Central Indiana number 9 in Anderson in Mid 50s
The immediate replacement for number 7. Number 9 looks like a MC (Michigan Central) caboose using a NYC type long body with a taller cupola than the NYC, but not as tall as a Big Four. This was undoubtedly leased until the CI could replace number 7.
Ron Stuckey Photo. Roger Hensley Collection.

circa 1960
Central Indiana number 60 in Anderson
Probably taken in the early 60s (the number would indicated that it was acquired in 1960). Caboose 60 probably came from the RF&P and had been sold to Ortner in 1959 and purchased by the CI in 1960. Thus the number 60. This is the caboose now at the Railroad Place in Noblesville. This replaced CI's number 7 releasing number 9 to be returned to the owner. This wooden caboose was replaced in 1967 with #67. Ron Stuckey Photo. Roger Hensley Collection.

August 1963
NYC MD-5 5913 (GP-9) Wabash Turn at Kent Siding, Marion, IN with a new caboose on rear end of MD-5 1852 (only has one end window on side, Early had a window on each end.) - MEL
Maurice Lewman Photo

August 1962
3 NYC/Big Four cabooses sit at South Anderson
Roger Hensley collection

Summer 1965
South Anderson Yard. The building in the distance is the engine house and car shops. The track where the two cabooses are is the Cab Track. Until about 1963, there would always be about eight or nine cabs in the track. The near caboose in the Cab Track is an NYC caboose. Notice the low cupola. The far cab and the one on the Rip Lead are Big Four. Notice the high cupolas. - MEL
Maurice Lewman Photo

Mid 1960s at Wabash, IN
Wabash IN, mid 60s before PC. On the left is the Wabash yard engine. The caboose on #10 track with about 25 cars is on the Wabash-Elkhart switch run. The caboose is a Big Four caboose (yes, there is a difference). Notice how high the cupola sits. The MC caboose was lower. The NYC was lower and on one end. - MEL
Maurice Lewman Photo

Caboose in front of the depot. The hubcap on the cupola is to aid in finding the cab in the yards. - MEL
Maurice Lewman Photo


Circa 1970
Built in 1967, as one of fifty cars built by Despatch Shops, Inc., East Rochester, NY. 39 were NYC 18156-18194; 10 were for the Detroit Terminal, DT 33-42; and one was the CI 67. At he time of the PC these cars were identified as Class N6A and carried the same Class into Conrail. It was renumbered by Conrail to CR 18005. - JRR
Ed Belknap Photo. Roger Hensley Collection.

March 26, 1971
1 mile south of North Manchester IN. MD-4 2851 rear ended MD-4A that had 85 cars of coal. Three men were killed on 2851. The caboose was on the coal train MD-4A. The crew of the caboose escaped injury. - MEL
Maurice Lewman Photo

Circa 1974
NYC Bay Window Caboose just south of Summitville on a run to a derailment near the elevator.
Larry Lewman Photo


April 11, 1996 South Anderson Yard.
Built 1969-70 Transfer Caboose Class N-11 (ex PC)

Roger Hensley Photos

December 3, 1995 South Anderson Yard.
Built by Conrail in 1978. (See data for 21295)

Roger Hensley Photos

April 14, 1996 South Anderson Yard.
21270 and 21295 are from the only series that Conrail built. All of the others Conrail inherited. Info from the Conrail Caboose web site at:
Cars 21201-21313 were a group of 113 cars bought new by Conrail in 1978. They were a welded small bay window design built by Fruit Growers Express in Alexandria, VA. They have a rigid underframe, axle-mounted generator and oil heat. Roger Hensley Photos

June 3, 1996
CR 21295 nears 31st street as it returns to South Anderson Yard
Roger Hensley Photo

August 19, 2000
CSX MP15 1237 sits with CR 21295 beside the Caboose Fuel station in South Anderson Yard
I caught CSX MP15 1237 sitting in South Anderson while shooting a few of the newer service additions to the yard. A couple of years later, I caught 1237 again, only this time it was at the CSX Big Four Avon Yard. Roger Hensley Photos

September 11, 2001
The Conrail (CSX) HazMat Ttraining Train came through. The cars are used to train firefighters in handling HazMat railcars in case of accident. This is the caboose/cabin car with the train.
Roger Hensley Photo

July 31, 2004
CR29271 CR29271 ex-Conrail Caboose 29271 at South Anderson. CR29271 was brought from Ansonia to Anderson by the crews in Anderson to use for traveling to Emporia in the wake of the February 2004 Derailment.
Roger Hensley Photos

April 24, 2010
Conrail Caboose 21295 at South Anderson (now CSX)

Caboose 1 - I took the attached photo in the Park 100 Business Park located just inside the Northwest quadrant of I-465. The date was July 7, 2011.
Caboose 2 - Elkhart and Western Caboose number 402 in Argos, Indiana. Dated September 20, 2011.
Charles Malinowski Photos

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