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  Railroads of Madison County
Traction Photo Page

Click on the thumbnail for the photo.
Anderson Street Railway circa 1900 (Postcards)

ca 1897

This photo is from a Stereoscope Viewer that was used back at the turn of the last century. It wa taken about 6th street and Main. If you look closely, you can see the Gruenwald Home on the left and the tip of the old courthouse on the right.

Track workers pause while laying track in Main Street in Anderson Indiana. William Rector is in the back row middle 6 from either side. William Rector is Brian W. Brown's Grandmother Brown's Father. His Grandmother name was Martha Irene (Rector) Brown, and she was married to his Grandfather William George Brown.


The first two photos are a gathering of street cars around the courthouse about 1900.
The last is the first automobile in Anderson. The time is 1900 to 1902. The location is probably 5th and Jackson.
Photos courtesy of the Madison County Historical Society, Inc.

Early 1900s
Union Traction depot at Orestes.
The interurban ran directly down the middle of this street. At the end of Broadway it curved slightly to the north then straightened out as it made its way to West Orestes and the Powell Brick and Tile factory. The interurban made stops at Young's Crossing, Republican Hall, the depot, and the Brick works. If the trolleys weren't too full they would make other stops in between those stops.

Union Traction Shops - 1905 (postcard)
View of the Indiana Union Traction shops in Anderson, Indiana. Several sets of train tracks run along side of the building. Various train cars sit on the tracks in front of the shops. Note the two yellow city cars and the several green interurban cars to the left of them. An American flag tops the building.

1) 2) 1) UTC Shops 2) Wye NE of 5th and Main

Pictured with an eary Elwood Car is 'Red' Maley, Motorman and Clarence 'Bud' Powell, Conductor.
Elwood Public Library Collection

This postcard is looking northeast in Alexandria with Union Traction Company of Indiana's (Union Traction Company until 1899) line going north in Harrison St. at left. Church St. is at right. It is postmarked Sept. 21, 1907. The sign leaning against the wall of the building to the right of the door advertises something on Mon., Sept. 16, and Sept. 16, 1907 was on Mon., so that confirms that the photo was taken in 1907.

The builder's block at the top of the building reads H.H.H. 1892 (it is no longer on the building). Some of the signs read: Ensinger's City Restaurant; J.P. Down's Meat Market; Riley's Cash Carpet; Dr. P.H. Martin, Dentist; L.S. Mahony Shoes; James H. Edwards, Attorney.
Craig Berndt collection

Union Traction #273 stands beside train order semaphore. Built by Cincinnati Car Co 1903, original name "Peru", renamed "Ingalls", out of service 1932

1908-1910 - Pendleton
The bridge on the right is the Interurban bridge over Fall Creek around 1908. The supports still can be seen in the park.
Gene Ingram Collection

Circa 1909
A traction Birney Car in Anderson.

Yorktown, In. 1909

Jack Grant Collection

Circa 1909
Postcard taken in Marion about 1909

UTC Car at Pendleton Bob Trueblood supplied me with this 1910 postcard showing a UTC car on its way into Pendleton from Anderson. It had just passed Falls Park heading south. It was pretty faded, but I think that it came out pretty well.
Middletown, IN station, 1910. This was a short branch of the U.T.C. system from Anderson to Middletown, about 10 miles southeast. Abandoned just before the Indiana Railroad takeover in 1930.
Another shot of Middletown taken about 1910
Note the Interurban Car far down the tracks

September 21, 1910 - Kingsland
A wreck occured on the Fort Wayne & Wabash Valley's Bluffton Division just north of Kingsland. The heavy WV car ran about half way through the lighter UTC car, and all of the 42 people killed were on the UTC car. The crews of both cars survived.

The crew posses for a photo before leaving the shops.
Anderson Daily Bulletin Collection.

ca 1910 shot of four gentlemen (office workers) standing outside of the local IUTC office.

Circa 1908-1912
This is one of the trolleys that serviced the Alex-Elwood & Tipton Line in Madison and Tipton counties. This is a rare photo. I have only seen two with the names of these towns. I have the other one also as the trolley is parked at the Union Traction office in Alexandria.
Dave Dwiggins Collection.


General Railway Signal Company
Catalog showing AP Block System of Indiana Union Traction

1913 Flood

1913 Flood aftermath

The aftermath of the 1913 Flood at the bridge between Anderson and Chesterfield. The location is at the current Airport site at the White River on SR 32. - 6/6/2009

March 17, 1914
Highland Sanitarium, Martinsville IN
June 6, 1914
Here is a postcard I came upon recently. It is of the Interurban station and a car in Martinsville. It is postmarked June 6, 1914.
Gene Ingram.

This was the home of the Union Traction Co in the early years of the 20 Century. They made their HQ on the 6th Floor.

August 13, 1917
Martinsville Traction Station with car.

UTC Box Motor #607 with Trailer

October 1, 1923
I just rebuilt this pdf from a three-clip article from the Elwood Call Leader October 1, 1923. We have talked about this before when I was searching for info about it. To my knowledge this is the worst accident in Madison County with the exception of the Alfont crash. Use it as you need to.
Dave Dwiggins

At Alfont just west of Ingalls, 21 die in the firey collision of two UTC cars on Feb 2, 1924
"Run, boy, run!" said the Motorman to the young boy standing beside him. The boy ran and lived. The Motorman didn't. It is said that the wreck train was called as soon as the dispatcher in Anderson realized that one of the cars had passed a 'Stop Signal'. However, they had no way to contact either car.

UTC Car on the way to Indianapolis circa 1925. (Postcard)

UTC Box Motor #150 with Freightcar
The photo on your website is an old postcard from Herschel Vansickle which is THI&E 150 in the siding at West Pittsboro, Indiana on the THI&E's Crawfordsville Division. I used this photo in an article I did in 1984 for the "Central Headlight" magazine of the NYCSHS on the Peoria & Eastern. The Crawfordsville division followed the P&E from Clermont to Crawfordsville. Just thought I would clarify this for you. - Larry A. Graham

The ROW at night.
Absolutely striking isn't it!

IRR High Speed Car Blueprint
Here are a couple of shots of a blueprint of an Indiana Railroad High Speed Car that was offered for bid on e-Bay. It was hoped that the High Speed Car would save the IRR.  

Union Traction Company's publicity department posed motor car 402 and parlor car "Indiana" on Meridian street north of Anderson shops.
George Krambles Collection

UTC #439 (just becoming IRR #439 has a Sleeping car) ca. 1931
UTC #432, now IRR #432 has Parlor Cars "Purdue" and "Indiana" in 1933

Power House and generators at Anderson

It's 1935 and you can travel to Indy for $0.76 one way. In fact, from 5 AM to Midnight, there was a car in each direction every hour.
(Click on the Price list at left for the Travel by Ingterurban Ad.)

Indiana RR at Union Traction Power Plant IRR CAR 377 at Anderson Shops
Anderson was the proud home of the Union Traction Company before it became a part of the Indiana Railroad. The facilities here were excellent with the car barns and power plant. The power plant drew it's water from the Kilbuck Creek behind it. A Mill Race had been cut directing water flow from the creek for use by the power plant and shops.

Union Traction Company station located in Mounds Park - c 1930

Wm. 'Walt' Fadely. Retired in 1951 from the Indiana RR offices
Treasurer Union Traction Co. Anderson IN, Indiana Railroad - Weston Co with 47 years service

 It's 1932 or 1934 and the gentleman is taking the traction line North out of Anderson while running for a county office.

September 8, 1934
After the parlor cars were taken out of regular service, the Purdue and Indiana remained available for special trips. At the Anderson Shops, the 438 and Purdue prepare for a charter trip.
M.D. McCarter collection.

ca 1935
A High Speed car at the Shops in Anderson.
With its pole reaching for a high trolley wire across a Big Four branch line, the 57 is running along 23rd Street on Anderson's South Meridian line to the Delco-Remy plant and to a terminal loop at 34th and Lynn.
James F. Cook photo.

The Anderson passenger station received a painted advertising sign. Even though the tracks were in the street, canopies provided shelter near the northbound (at left) and southbound (at right) loading points. These niceties were not available after the passenger terminal was moved to the nearby freight house.
George K. Bradley collection.

A billboard in front of the freight house at 5th & Main reinforced the message. The passenger facillities were moved to space in this building.
George K. Bradley collection.

And the last shot is of the other end of the station

The Martin Train Collection

Number 1150 is at Anderson shops
Richard George Collection

212 runs along the double track in the unpaved center of Meridian Street (Broadway). The Nirth Anderson line was abandoned before 1936 was over.
James F. Cook photo.

Roy E. Shultz said:
Here is a picture of the Interurban repair crew taken inside the old Interurban building on Broadway in Anderson. My great grandfather, Cosby Scott Louderback, is the middle row, forth from the left with the sweater on. On the bottom of the picture it reads; "Car Dept, Indiana Railroad, Repair Shop, Feb. 22, 1937, Anderson, Indiana.

September 6, 1937
A misunderstood work order to "paint car 53" made this view possible. Instead of highspeed 53, the shop painted soon-to-be-retired Anderson birney 53. On September 6, 1937 it is southbound on Meridian Street by the courthhouse. Willian C. Janssen photo.

November 13, 1937
After the 58 passes on Nichol Avenue, the eastbound car will beack out of the John Street spur. It's the last day for city cars, but the Interurbans to Indianapolis will continue.
James F. Cook photo.

The South Meridian birney has just crossed the Big Four's main line. Gasoline is selling for 17 cents per gallon on November 13, 1937, the last day for the Anderson Streetcars.
James F. Cook photo.

1937 - 1965
Kennard IN - 1965
The traction depot at Kennard after conversion to a home when the traction line closed in 1937.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

It was just after 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon Jan. 9, 1938, when an Indiana Railroad city passenger bus en route downtown from North Anderson stopped about 10 feet before the railroad crossing. The driver looked both directions before driving onto the tracks but did not see the approaching train.
After waiting for about 15 seconds, the bus gradually pulled onto the tracks. At that same moment, the eyewitness observed the engine of a rapidly approaching southbound Pennsylvania passenger train looming over the bus not more than 35 to 40 feet from Jackson.
The ensuing collision was described simply as a yellow streak hurtling through the air with dust and papers flying in all directions. The steam locomotive struck the bus a short distance behind the right entrance door and split the vehicle into two sections hurling both sections through the air and down a fifteen foot embankment on the east side of Jackson Street. Members of the Pennsylvania train crew placed the time at nine minutes past three.
The Martin Tran Collection

January 1938
Passengers board car 67

Eastbound at West 11th Street and Lincoln
The Martin Train Collection

Eastbound at Nichol and Madison
The Martin Train Collection
ca 1938
Highspeed 63 crosses the Anderson Belt coming in from Indy.
Car 37 stops at the Traction Station in Pendleton.
The Martin Train Collection

August 5, 1938
Number 50 moves through the streets of Anderrson on 8/5/1938
James Cook photo
M.D. McCarter collection.

November 23, 1938
Anderson's courthouse square at 9th and Main with a snow covered #52 running as the Hoosierland.
James F. Cook photo,
M.D. McCarter collection.

Traction Car heading North from 9th & Main Street taken from Courthouse
The Martin Train Collection

January 15, 1939
On January 15, 1939 highspeed 57 makes the station stop at Anderson before a long, cold, snowy run to Muncie and Fort Wayne.
James F. Cook photo.

Interurban car turning on 11th Street from Main Street in Anderson, Indiana in 1939.
The Martin Train Collection

Traction Cars East of Meridian and West of Main on 11th Street
The Martin Train Collection

Westbound at West 11th Street and Jackson
The Martin Train Collection

Indiana Railroad Interurban car stops for passengers at the Anderson depot. Date: ca. 1939.

An Interurban Car is crossing the PRR tracks at 5th and Main heading onto Main Street.
The Martin Train Collection

Another car heads out from the station turning onto 5th & Main.
The Martin Train Collection

May 1939 - The end of the IRR was near as this Fan Trip crossed the White River near Anderson. This posed photo was taken in May of 1939 crossing the White River on a fan trip near Anderson, IN. The name Union Traction can still be made out on the bridge, About 1930, the combine, from the former Indiana Public Service line, was converted to an RPO car and painted Orange for the IRR. The car is #376, which, at the end of IRR operations just before World War II, was sold to the South Shore where it was converted to 1500v. DC and made into the famous South Shore line car, #1100. This car's ultimate disposition may be to the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL.

Is this the "Railfans CERA Special" loading in Anderson?
The timing is about right and the car is correct.

IRR 376 on NRHS Fantrip in Pendleton
Kirk Hise Collection.
IRR 376 on NRHS Fantrip near prison - Pendleton
Kirk Hise Collection.
IRR 376 on NRHS Fantrip near Pendleton
Kirk Hise Collection.
IRR 376 at Anderson
Kirk Hise Collection.

August 8, 1939
Indiana Railroad car 50 at the Anderson depot
Charles Brown Collection

Oct. 27, 1939
Highspeeds meet at Anderson
#72 and #76 load packages, Oct. 27, 1939
Charles E. Williams photo

Circa 1939
At Bubbling Springs, east of Chesterfield, the line crossed the highway at a poor angle for eastbound motorists. ABC Coach Lines bus 40 waits at the warning flashers for the 68 to pass.
James F cook photo.

Number 57 stops to phone the dispatcher before heading east.
This stop was mandatory.

IRR at Yorktown, Indiana

Jack Grant Collection

In Anderson, many passengers boarded trains in the business district rather than at the station. Westbound on 11th Street, car 68 crosses Meridian Street where a commission ticket agency was maintained in a drug store.

At 5th & Man, on October 10, 1940, highspeed 68 passes one of the company's local delivery trucks. Both are slowing for the Pennsylvania RR crossing. The car will continue south on Main Street.

1) Dixie Flyer leaves the Indianapolis Terminal as an Interstate awaits passengers. mid '20s
2) IRR 375 loads mail under Car Shed (Indy?)
3) IRR Traction Car on Main between 8th and 9th (corner of 9th and Main) '37-'38
4) Traction Car stopped on main street in Yorktown - '39-'40
5) '39-'40? Work train on city street with flatcar and trailer.
6) IRR #38's time is short as she awaits her fate at the Anderson Power Plant - Shops. '40-'41

2) 3) 4)
5) 6)
Roger Hensley Collection

Two colorized photos of locos near the end. 1941 is rapidly approaching.

Christmas 1940
Jeff Brown - 1940 photo of the "Indiana Rail Road Shops, Last Xmas, Anderson" in a family album. It's history has been lost to our family and I thought you'd be the man to ask.

Roger Hensley - IRR was shut down in January of 1941, so this was the last Christmas Party to be held by members of the Shops.
Jeff Brown Photo

January 12, 1941
Car 52, southbound on Anderson's Main Street, is close to the abandoned city car track on Ninth Street. This is the last Sunday for the Indiana Railroad, January 12, 1941.

January 18,1941
This is the last interurban out of New Castle, Jan. 18,1941.

January 6, 1949
Fifth Annual Meeting of the Indiana Railroad 20 YEAR CLUB
Chateau Room - Claypool Hotel Indianapolis

IRR carbody used for office at Myers Gravel and Sand Co on Alexandria Pike near Cross Street in North Anderson
Kirk Hise Collection.
IRR Box Trailer used as a shed on Alexandria Pike near Cross Street North Anderson
Kirk Hise Collection.
IRR Box Motor used as a shed on Alexandria Pike near Cross Street North Anderson
Kirk Hise Collection.
IRR Box Motor used as a shed on Alexandria Pike near Cross Street North Anderson
Kirk Hise Collection.

Click for large pictureJanuary 2, 2002
On January 2, 2002, Bob Trueblood and I went to the Indiana Transportation Museum in search of Union Traction all steel car number 429. We found it.

Hi Roger, here are the digital files of the pictures I gave you of my mom's house. It is in Elwood and was mentioned in a book she had of the history of Elwood.
Bob Metz

Marvin Crim writes:
You may have seen this photo from the Bill Volkmer Collection on Dave's Rail Pix web site ( It's the interurban overpass over the PRR railroad just north of New Castle. On a closer look, this would appear to be the Elwood car on the overpass. It appears to be IRR 1150 and that was UTC 443 and IRR 443, both the "ELWOOD" car .

Here's 2 views of the overpass from later years.
1) from the winter of 1962, PRR's Train 70 passes EB under the former UTC overpass.
2) from the mid '80s, the overpass was still standing. This view is from the same direction but a little closer. (Marvin Crim is in the photo - rph)

1) 2)
Marvin Crim Photos.

And now the demolition of concrete arch over PRR New Castle 1989
Henry County Historical Society, New Castle, Indiana Collection.

Lastly, Marvin sent over this scan of the UTC/IRR Parlor Car, Purdue.

Marvin Crim Collection.

Steve Long was kind enough to lend me his traction collection for scanning. As the Indiana Railroad (IRR) was the successor to the UTC, I have included those photos from his collection here.

Here is a scan of the freighthouses that sat behind the Indianapolis traction terminal.

...and a scan of THI&E interurban # 55 "Wabash"

Picture of historical marker in downtown Alexandria.

A rural shelter that the UTC used where the rail line crossed a road. One could flag down an interurban car with any thing available such as a lantern, burning newspaper or other light source. This shelter is preserved in Beulah Park in Alexandria.

John Reehling Collection

Indiana Railroad Car
For more information on Traction in Madison County, see Let's Talk Traction

Let's Talk Traction  -  Streets  -  Interchange  -  Dalevile UTC

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