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Roger Hensley

Page Updated
July 07, 2000

  Railroads of Madison County
Daleville Indiana
Union Traction Station

Daleville Union Traction Station today

Although Daleville is just across the county line in Delaware County, the Union Traction Company was born in Madison County. When I found out (or realized) that this building had been a Union Traction station, I couldn't resist including it. It is my hope to obtain a picture or two taken when it was still in operation. - Roger

On June 19, 2000, Jack Grant said...
Was in Daleville this afternoon. You know the old brick bldg. that is on the south side of SR 32 on the west side of town (behind the furniture store)? I noticed insulators on the side of the bldg. facing the RR track. The UTC r.o.w. was between the bldg and the RR. This bldg. was evidentially a small shop and probably a sub-station. Did you know that? I have never seen it mentioned anyplace. The bldg. does resemble the one at Ingals and sits parallel to the r.o.w.

Click on the small photo to see the larger one

West end and two photos of North (SR32) side

And after some back and forth on June 23rd Jack said...
Talked to the owner of the garage at Daleville today. His father and grandfather both owned it previous to him. It was definately a UTC bldg. It was a combination sub station, shop, and also the ticket office. I was inside, and it has been completely remodeled except for the outside walls. The overhead door on the west end is in the original place, but the opening has been narrowed. Also, he believes the walk-in door on the west end, was the location of the ticket office/waiting room. The building was originally 2 story, but a third story has now been added. He stated that he thought either him or his sister had some old pics. of the bldg, and that he would see if he could find them.

Click on the small photo to see the larger one

East end and two photos of the South (Big Four) side

And then Jan Girardot wrote:
The name "Daleville" rang a bell, so I did some checking in my UTC/IRR book collection. On page 64 of Geo. Bradley's "Indiana Railroad: the Magic Interurban" is a James Cook photo of highspeed #78 in Daleville. The station agent is "protecting" the crossing as the car prepares to cross the street, but no station is in sight. The IRR book has an assortment of Employee's timetables in the back, but I couldn't find Daleville. If anyone has a UTC or IRR Employees timetable, perhaps they could check on the status of Daleville: was it a substation? Does anyone have recent photos?

Click on the small photo to see the larger one

Southwest corner, the Insulators and the Big Four 2 track main

And lastly, Seth Bramson wrote
Union Traction passenger tt, 9-15-29, under "List of Stations and Agents," p. 3, a "C. Clevenger" is shown as agent for Daleville. Daleville appears on page four, 45 miles from Indianapolis, with numerous passenger trains stopping there.

Picture Credits:
UTC Station and Big Four Main - Digital Photos by Roger P. Hensley

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