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Anderson Scenes

Across the Pizza Hut Lot


Looking across the tracks by the Pizza Hut, you can see over St. Mary's parking lot to the buildings beyond.

Close up

A little closer view of the houses.

Street to the East


Around the corner, you can look down the street in front of the station all the way to the Lowes theater at the end.

Street to the West


From the other end of the street, you can look back across the station toward the County Building.


And another view of the Depot showing the End Car of a special passenger train.

(Click on the Photo for a larger one.)

Back of the Gas Station


Over the river from the hill behind the gas station.

The Market

Through the trees next to the Pizza Hut, you can see one of the busiest places in Anderson, Larry's Food world. It almost looks as if it is being attacked by Aliens.

White River



A view of the White River that winds its way through Anderson.

Middeltown Diner


The Middletown Diner on the highway as you leave town westward.

Trees near Diner


The highway near the diner as seen through the nearby trees.

Digital Photos by Roger Hensley - December 1999
Across the Pizza Hut Lot
Houses close up
Digital Photos by Paul Hensley - December 1999
Street scene looking East
The Market
White River
Middeltown Diner
Trees near Diner
Digital Photos by Roger Hensley - January 2000
Station looking East
Across the gas station

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