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Anderson Close Up

Let's follow the outward bound ECI Passenger Excursion out of the East Yards through Anderson on its way toward toward Westport.

East Yards in 2007 (click for larger view) with a lineup of cars and ECI equipment seen over the petrolium dealer. A recreation of the inauguration of the ECI passenger run in 2007 led by the rebuilt F3A 1301. The F3A has now been joined by a permanently mated F3B. This not only permits the passenger run to be made in style, but allows for increased hauling capacity when the Fs are pressed into freight service. Note the Baggage car 2501 immediately following the engines. Although this picture is not good, the background of ECI 2501 makes an interesting story.

The ECI passenger consist leaves the East Yards in June 2007 on its way to pick up passengers at the Anderson Station with F3A 1301 in the lead assisted by an F3B. It was photographed by a waiting railfan as it crosses the White River. (Click for larger view.)

The ECI Special pulls slowly by the Anderson Station to bring the passenger cars to the platform. A number of passengers have gathered at the station for this Saturday excursion to southern Indiana.

(Some other Anderson scenes)

Highway traffic comes to a hault as the ECI consist gathers speed on its way out of town. With the addition of the F3B to assist ECI F3A 1301, the train has now taken on an entirely new appearance. ECI's F3B #1302 was saved from the scrap yard through some quick work on the part of ECI personnel and its story becomes another part of the richness that is the ECI. (Click for larger view.)


The ECI Passenger Train leaves the depot in Anderson

And the F Unit has now been relegated to freight service and back up to the E7 NYC unit that has been acquired to replace them. Here are three shots of the E7 with one showing the railfan at the river's edge.

ECI U Boat 3014 comes around the edge of the river onto the rocky shelf.

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Photos by Roger Hensley

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