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ECI Railroad
ECI Tour, Part 2

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Now just behind the trees, the ECI Special rolls on onto the countryside past the main yards of the ECI where a number of projects are underway. A caboose may be seen slightly off center and numberous cars and a twin hopper are in the forground. The ECI still makes use of a caboose on a number of switching locals. And, yes, there are two steamers parked back by the diesel house. (Click for larger view.)
(Other yard scenes)

Behind the diesel house is the oldest surviving portion of the ECI, the Farm. It has been removed intact (more or less) from the layout three times and even turned to face the opposite direction. Don't ask what's in the pickup truck behind the barn. You really don't want to know. (Click for larger view.)


The train can just be seen as it passes behind the town of Westport on it's way into town. (Click for larger view.)


The excursion train is just pulling into Westport and passes the Triangle as it slows toward a stop at the station, and no, I don't have the crossbucks in place yet. (Click for larger view.)

Here are three shots of Westport. (Click for larger view.)


New York Central RS3 cruises by the South Anderson Yard with a consist in tow.


One of the private roadname locomotives cruises by South Anderson Yard after the NYC RS3.


The NYC steamer 7813 idles near the South Anderson Yard with her caboose.

Lastly, for the tour, is the elevator at Westport just down the way from the last shot with the locomotive. (Click for larger view.)

ECI 2695 workhorse, 1998
Even as the Flagship of the fleet makes it's excursion run, work must go on. The bills still have to be paid and although you might think of the ECI as a tourist/museum line, it is not. Working it's way upgrade past Anderson, ECI #2695, the ex-Santa Fe 2695 has it's own unique history as part of the ECI.

That's all folks, 1998
A ECI local pulls into the gathering darkness as it runs by the White River heading home. It has been a long day on the ECI, but we wouldn't want it any other way.

None of this has touched on the GP38 and SW7 that see daily duty on the railroad or on the RS2 that the ECI managed to salvage and rebuild from two. Nor has anything been said about the rebuiding of Westport or the modernizing of the remote switch machine and control panel indicators. This is only a glimpse of what the ECI is today. Tomorrow should be better.

I hope that you enjoyed this tour. As long as there are needs to be met by modern shortline railroads, the ECI will be there.

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Photos by Roger Hensley

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