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The following links are provided as a matter of convenience and do not constitute an endorsement of any person, product, action or activity.

New York Central Links

Wes Barris' Steam Locomotive site:

Boston & Albany:

Boston & Albany Track Charts:

George Elwood's Fallen Flags RR Photos:

Jeff Feldmeier's Beech Creek RR - Peale PA:

Jim Fitzgerald's Revised Railfan Page:
  with Vollrath New York Central photos:
(Best viewed with IE5.x or above)

Chris Granger's NYC Ottawa Division site:

Brian Hall's New York Central's Indiana Division

Indiana Harbor Belt, The

Richard Leonard's NYC Collection - both steam and diesel photos and descriptions.

Terry Link's Canada Southern site:

MS Train Simulator NYC Empire State Express and other NYC locomotives for MS Train Simulator:

New York Central's Indiana Division
News, Photos, Maps, Track Charts, Schedules & More for several railroads

New York Central Internet Resources:

New York Central Railroad Museum, Elkhart, IN:

New York Central System Historical Society:

Mark Plank's Ohio Central Lines:
Toledo & Ohio Central, Kanawha & Michigan, Zanesville & Western, Kanawha & West Virginia, Bailey Run, Sugar Creek & Athens and Middleport & Northeastern

Noel Widdifield's NYC page:

Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Historical Society:

Rails and Trails .com - With CCC&StL (Big 4) Track Charts
This website provides high resolution digital images of historic maps and documents that can be re-used by students, educators and historians.

Sound Recordings

None Available at this time.

By request, I am including information on some of the discussion lists and web forums that I belong to. There are others.

Web forums with specific sections for the NYC, PRR, PC and CR that I am involved with are:

Additionally, there are e-mail discussion lists (forums) that are dedicated to only NYC, PRR, PC or CR. In more or less alphabetical order, they are:

A discussion list dedicated to sharing information about Conrail with some allowances for predicessor and successor roads.
To subscribe, e-mail
Subject: subscribe Conrail-Talk
Message: subscribe Conrail-Talk Your Name Here

A discussion group for anyone interested in modeling New York Central System and subsidiary lines. Topics need to relate to modeling of the NYC, affliated and predecessor railroads.
To subscribe, e-mail
Post message:

A discussion group for friends and former employees of the "Water Level Route", the New York Central Railroad Company. The focus is primarily historical, and mostly limited to the NYC (and PC successor) period prior to ConRail.
To subscribe, e-mail
Post message:

A place to discuss the New York Central Railroad's US operations, including the B&A, P&LE, P&E, among others, as well as its Canadian divisions and branch to Ottawa. Topics are welcome on anything from the earliest days to the current day operations on the ex NYC lines.
To subscribe, e-mail
Post message:

Dedicated to discussion of all aspects of the 'Standard Railroad of the World', routes, equipment and modeling. To subscribe, e-mail
Subject: subscribe PRR-Talk
Message subscribe PRR-Talk Your Name Here

A Penn Central Railroad mailing list. This mailing list is for discussing all aspects of the Penn Central Railroad, including but not limited to: operations, motive power, track arrangements, predecessors, etc.
To subscribe, e-mail
Subject: subscribe penn-central
Message: subscribe penn-central
Note: you do NOT include your name.

A list for discussion about scale modeling of the Penn Central Railroad in miniature. Subjects about predecessor railroads (Pennsylvania and New York Central) or subsidaries are welcome as they relate to the PC.
To subscribe, e-mail
Post message:

Note: For the Yahoo lists, you can sign up on the web at Yahoo. It will be necessary to sign on to Yahoo to use the web facilities of those lists.

For additional Links to many other Railroad, Railroad Historical Societies, Railfan and Railroad Modeler sites, visit the
NMRA Links Pages

Operation Lifesaver Inc. a nationwide, non-profit public information program dedicated to reducing collisions, injuries and fatalities at highway-rail crossings and on railroad rights-of-way. It's web site offers news reports, educational materials, statistics, safety tips, upcoming events, and information on how to get involved.

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