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  Railroads of Madison County
New Castle Area Traction

The photos on this page are courtesy of Gene Ingram of New Castle.

August 17, 1907

Circa 1909

Interurban at Spiceland
Windsplitter Indianapolis-New Castle-Toledo Interurban
Indiana Railroad 413

Laying track in Knightstown

Lewisville Indiana (note the car to the left)

Spiceland Interurban Car

Postcards of New Castle Traction Station c.1910

Downtown c1910

Greenfield Indianapolis & Eastern Interurban Car

And a Standard Station

circa 1920
This is between Dunreith and Lewisville at marker 40.

Courthouse c1925

Illinois Traction Close to each other

And then the end...

New Castle map c1920

J.C. Penny New Castle street c1927

New Castle Bridges PanAmerican Bridge

Power Station Shovel Factory

Woodward Street Bridge and Springport Station

circa 1930
Gas station at Dunreith near the Interurban tracks

Indiana Rail Road ads from the Courier Times

New Castle Interurban Ticket

Byrket Siding - Interurban - New Castle, IN

Interurban Car 713 at New Castle

Interurban in downtown New Castle

January 18,1941
This is the last interurban out of New Castle, Jan. 18,1941.

Circa 1890
A Hand cart at Spiceland IN

Circa 1895
The Railroad at Spiceland IN

A Pennsy steam train in New Castle

The photos on this page are courtesy of Gene Ingram of New Castle.

Traction Front

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