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  Railroads of Madison County
2016 Photo Pages

Photos Needed - I'm looking for photos of railroad subjects in Madison County. They may be trains, locomotives, freight or... - click for more -
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March 24, 2016

On March 21, 1998, I had returned home from a Photo Shoot at Emporia. This winter, I took the opportunity to take a couple of shots of an Alco S2 at the Ag 1 grain elevator at Emporia Indiana. It was an interesting Shoot, taking photos of the old S1.

But on October 08, 2009 I said...
"The last of the Lehigh and New England Alco S2 switchers is now on the block at the Emporia Grain Elevator at Emporia Indiana. You can contact them directly or contact me.
They have replaced it. It is listed as operational with a weak generator.
Several years ago I was approached by Christopher Kimler of Railfan magazine about the loco. It was not for sale then as they were using it heavily. Now they are not and wish to send it where it will be cared for."

I had several conversations with interested parties that wanted the locomotive but they all wanted it delivered to them on the east coast. Probably as a no-cost item.

Now on March 24, 2016, Chris Clark said: "I was going home from New Castle today and this is what I found at the intersection of SR 109 and Highway 36 Emporia, In."

The little S2 has now been set on a flatcar and is loaded for a trip East. Good luck to the new owner.

In service in 1998

Four photos by Chris Clark
Packaged for transport 2016!

March 26, 2016
I was warned about these locos with just enough time to get to the Big 4 station downtown and get one shot.

March 29, 2016
The phone call came saying that it was really worth my while catching it as it came through the yard. It was right even tho I spent quite a bit of time catching it.
The first photo as it came through the trees. The second was of the conductor riding it back to drop a car. The third was of the loco as I caught it!

April 16, 2016
This is the day that the little Alco S2 heads East. The train was instructed to stop and pick it up. ES40DC (GE) Number 5369 does the honors.

Photos by Roger Hensley
(The loco is headed to Topton, Pa. Thru a combined campaign between the LNE preservation society and Lehigh Valley chapter NRHS, the loco is now owned by the LNE preservation society. Plans are to restore 611 to it's pre 1961 paint scheme and operate it over the recently formed Allentown & Auburn Railroad. This goes to show what can happen when determined people set there minds to doing something and don't give up. Hats off to EVERYONE involved for making this happen.
AlcoGuy of )

April 30, 2015

4/2016 - Reportedly the only surviving Lehigh and New England diesel locomotive passed through Altoona early this morning, heading for preservation and a new future. Under the banner of "Lehigh and New England Preservation Society" the LNE 611 was saved from scrap in Emporia, IN. The ALCO S2 had been in switching service there since 1985, working a grain facility before being stored. Its ultimate destination is the Allentown and Auburn Railroad, where it is planned to be returned to service.
Photo by Jim Stanton

July 31, 2016
I had word that a Westbound train was pulling four old GP35s dead in toe. I saw the train come in and went to the East entrance of south Anderson Yard. There I found a CSX 6442 and CSX 2275 swiching some cars out of their train.

The Westbound train was on the outside line with many cars beween myself and them. I drove through and around to Marine Drive and parked. On foot, I went in search of the Westbound. I walked west until I almost reached Martin Luther King Drive when I found the locos, AC6000CW (GE) CSX 681 and ES44AH (GE) CSX 3060 and SD40-2 (EMD) CSX 8804, an ex-CR. The four LTX GP 35s were right behind the three lead locos. They stopped to make a pick up and I was fortunate enough to catch them. In order, there are CSX 3060, LTX 2541, LTX 2503, the locos pull away, the Conductor sets a switch, LTX 2503, LTX 2580, LTX 2541, LTX 2506, LTX 2541, and LTX 2506.

September 4, 2016
Earlier this morning around 8:00 am a westbound manifest freight with the 3 ex UP MP15AC units now LTEX # 1415 +2, that had been setoff at Anderson on Friday, derailed in the Massachusetts Avenue curve at MP 282 along with 6 cars. Crews are still trying to repair damage.
Ron Buser Photo

Picture Credits:
All photos not otherwise marked are by Roger Hensley.

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