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  Railroads of Madison County
1996 Photo Page

Photos Needed - I'm looking for photos of railroad subjects in Madison County. They may be trains, locomotives, freight or... - click for more -
Click on the photo for the associated page or photo.

While search through my photos for something else, I realized that I had dozens of shots that I had not put up. I have been scanning for hours in order to remedy that oversight.

March 1996
March 14, 1996 - Here is the old Daleville Elevator looking east - 5:30p
Picture a siding and better days...
On March 23rd, I caught a Conrail Ballast Edger parked in downtown Anderson east of Jackson Street. Much to my surprise, I caught is again on the 25th on the Indiana Creek at Cross Street.

April 1996
April 14th found Conrail caboose 21295 in fresh paint at South Anderson Yard.

On the same day, to provide a contrast, here is 18542, a CR Transfer Caboose showing its age.

On April 17th, a Conrail Mail train races eastbound into the sun at Mounds Crossing at dawn

May 1996
May 2nd found NS SD70 2547 leading a grain train on the Frankfort Main at Jackson & Burton in Muncie IN. NS 8881, a Dash 9-40C was the second unit with two shots.
May 7th, In the early dawn hours, I found CR 6086 waiting with its TV Train at Mounds Crossing for a Mail train. Even as I snapped the picture, I heard oncoming Mail train blowing for the crossing.

May 16th - Downtown looking east down #2 Main from Brown-Delaware toward the Big Four Station.

May 21st Conrail SD80MAC 4108 glided northbound at 31st Street past the old Anaconda plant.

May 25th - a faded Solid Cold on southbound ELIN at Indiana Ave and Vineyard.

June 1996

June 1st - CR6158 C40-8W begins the northbound turn off of the CR #1 Main at 31st Street
June 3rd - CR GP38-2 8151 as YSAN awaits the signal at 31st Street on the way back to SA with CR 21295 bringing up the markers.
June 29th Point Comfort & Northern SW1500 #12 at South Anderson Main Street

July 1996

July 4th - ELIN southbound at Indiana Ave & Vineyard
July 9th - Anderson Airport Fly In.
1) WWII B-17 2) WWII Pregnant Guppy U.S. Navy Sub Chaser 3) WWII Prop Trainer.
1) 2) 3)
No, this has absolutely nothing to do with railroads. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

July 19th - Guide Lamp plastics plant on 29th Street complete with a covered hopper.

July 26th - CR SD80MAC Northbound between Pearl and Noble Streets in Anderson IN

August 1996

August 17th - Looking north over the Big Four bridge crossing White River.

August 31st - I caught TREL at 31st Street with GE C40-8W CR 6176 leading. While shooting the shots that didn't come out, I was invited aboard. These did come out.

September 1996

Just September (forgot to write down the date) - CR 4103 SD80MAC at 31st Street

On September 25th, I caught BN SD40-2 8144 and MRL (Montana Rail Link) SD45 8941 coming through at 31st Street.

There was more, but the throw-a-way camera that I kept in the car was stolen.
I didn't cry over the camera, but the photos...!!

Picture Credits:
All photos not otherwise marked are by Roger Hensley

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