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  Railroads of Madison County
2000 Photo Page

Photos Needed - I'm looking for photos of railroad subjects in Madison County. They may be trains, locomotives, freight or... - click for more -
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February 20, 2000
6 new GEs One of the things that are looked at when judging photos and slides in NMRA contests is excitement. Is the photo exciting? Well, sometimes a photo cannot actually capture the excitement of the moment. For example, when you are sitting outside of a supermarket by the tracks in Anderson Indiana and you look up to see a string (6) of brand new GE units in BNSF orange and green coming at you. You fumble for the point & shoot camera you always carry and...

Ok. So, the picture may not be exciting, but getting it sure was!

August, 2000
On August 19th, I caught CSX MP15 1237 sitting in South Anderson while shooting a few of the newer service additions to the yard. A couple of years later, I was to catch 1237 again, only this time it was at the CSX Big Four Avon Yard. Click on thumbnail for larger picture

Of course, what I came to shoot was the Kerosene tank. You can see the EPA has had an effect.
As I turned to go, I couldn't help but notice the ex-CR GP15-1 1541.

On my way out, CSX C40-8W 7791 came through westbound with a long consist. But the day wasn't over yet. As I was virtually home, NS 1437, an ex-CR GP15-1 in fresh NS paint, rolled through the 31st Street Crossing. Not a bad day.

September 25th
Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey circus train

October 7th
Loram rail Grinder

Picture Credits:
All photos not otherwise marked are by Roger Hensley

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