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  Railroads of Madison County
2002 Photo Pages

Photos Needed - I'm looking for photos of railroad subjects in Madison County. They may be trains, locomotives, freight or... - click for more -
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January 2, 2002
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On January 2, 2002, Bob Trueblood and I went to the Indiana Trainsportation Museum in search of Union Traction all steel car number 429. We found it.

April 3, 2002
I went to Alexandria looking for an FRA inspection car that was to come through in the morning. I set up at the Diamond Signal just West of the diamond (crossing of Frankfort Line and Marion Branch) at Central and waited. The time had long passed when an Eastbound NS freight came through headed toward Muncie. NS SD60 6694 was the leader with NS (ex-CR) SD70 2571 trailing. I took several shots and post the better ones here.
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April 4, 2002
Remember the days when a Sperry Rail Car WAS a rail car? Well, I knew that one was coming and got into position to shoot it. Was I ever surprised to see a Sperry car that was a heavy truck with the track testing equipment rolling along under the rear! I caught SRS823 and its trailing car at Harvest Market at Columbus Ave in Anderson on the CSX #1 Main and then again at Scatterfield Road (the ByPass) as it worked its way East.
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April 17, 2002 - CSX Track Inspection Train with CSX GP40-2 in the lead
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April 22, 2002 - UP SD90 and engines
The call came about 10 AM. "Is your camera warmed up? The Westbound has a UP SD90 leading and the everything with it. You should be able to catch it at Gridley."

Arriving at Gridley, I was still playing with the camera when he made the curve on number 1 track to the yard and he was moving. I didn't have the camera in sequence mode, but it was too late now. I moved into position and started squeezing off shots.

After the fleet of engines had passed, I checked to see what I had knowing that I had missed several. I missed the lead engine! As fast as he was moving, I could only hope to catch him again in Pendleton near the high school. And the race was on. Ok, I got there ahead of him with seconds to spare. Just enough to get the camera into sequence mode and shoot again. Here is a combination of the two series.
UP SD9043AC #8135, SP C44AC #211, UP SD9043AC #8076, UP SD70 4531 and BNSF SD70MAC #9504 were all the numbers that I caught. I missed the KCS.
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May 11 and May 16, 2002 -
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GP-15 in Operation Lifesaver paint

Operation Lifesaver Special

July 29, 2002 -
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July Storm
CSX Trainmaster Tom Whitehead calls for help to remove a tree that fell on the Number 2 Main between Pearl and Fletcher Streets during a storm on Monday July 29th. The train in the background had to wait until the track was cleared.
Don Knight photo.
Don is Staff Photographer for Anderson's Herald Bulletin newspaper.
Photo used courtesy of the The Herald Bulletin

August 01, 2002 - CIW 4295, an ex-CNW GP7 heads toward South Anderson with the UP caboose 25267 in the consist.
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CIW 4298  UP 25267

August 19, 2002 -
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We Tour the CSX Big Four Avon Yard
September 17, 2002 -
On September 5th, I got a call about CIW's new loco being in South Anderson waiting for pick up. It is a Paducah Rebuild GP-8 (formerly of the Paducah & Louisville 8307). Of course when I got there, the Sun was against me (isn't it always?), but I shot what I could. On 9/7, I caught it west of Anderson on its way to its new home in Lapel. That could have been the end except that I found it again in South Anderson on 9/17 already in service working with 4295 and sporting a new logo on the cab. So, here is CIW 8307, the Paducah Rebuild.
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September 17, 2002 -
There was a Loram Rail Grinder working the area when it caught fire. Yes, a real fire that destroyed much of the equipment. It was brought into South Anderson Yard for repair and the crew from Loram spent week after week rebuilding it. It suddently dawned on me that this was the time to get pictures like none other. So...
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November 23, 2002 - Click on thumbnail for larger picture
The call came, "Did you catch them yesterday?" "No. What?" I replied. "The two Wisconsin Central SD45R's on the NS?" Obviously I hadn't and since he was calling me, that meant that they were southbounnd on the DOW headed toward South Anderson Yard. So, I rang off and waited to hear them whistling for 19th Street and with jacket, cap, gloves and camera, (Hey. it was cold!) I headed around the old Long Bell Cabinet plant on 32nd Street to a good spot by the tracks. I didn't have long to wait as they were moving along with their consist of coal hoppers. I took one look and put the camera into sequence mode and began shooting. Here are WC SD45R (rebuild) 7511 and 7532 southbound to South Anderson Yard and points south.

Picture Credits:
Tree on Number 2 Main on July 29, 2002. Photo by Don Knight, The Herald Bulletin
All photos not otherwise marked are by Roger Hensley

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