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  Railroads of Madison County
2004 Photo Pages

Photos Needed - I'm looking for photos of railroad subjects in Madison County. They may be trains, locomotives, freight or... - click for more -
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January 10, 2004BNSF 4050
New BNSF Dash 9-44CW
There have been a lot of new BNSF units coming through on CSX. I caught these two Westbound at the crossing on 32nd Street.
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February 8, 2004
Just when I began to think that I wouldn't take a lot of photos this year, I heard the scanner chatter about hitting a power pole. From the talk, I thought it was a CSX utility truck. That is, until the phone rang. An empty Grain Train was shoving toward Emporia when there was a derailment at 67th Street between Scatterfield and Columbus Ave. A power pole had been damaged and the city was upset. So, how bad could it be? Coming in from Columbus, I could see a grain car off of the track. I could also see at least one other car completely off on the other side, but the only way to walk over there wasn't safe. I could just see the car deciding to fall over just as I scrambled by it.
Ok, I drove back and around, parked in a convenient parking lot and hiked across a frozen corn field to snap the rest of the photos. Enjoy.
Click on thumbnail for larger picture

And the clean up begins... (2/9/2004)

February 22, 2004
Remember a couple of years ago when I caught the ex-CR GP15 1545 in Operation Lifesaver paint? Well, it was back at South Anderson and I slipped in and grabbed a couple more shots. It was a little more faded, but still looks good. Checking on the number, one web site shows this as ex-CR 1637. However, the same site shows only one CR GP15 in Operation Lifesaver paint, but not 1637. Hmmmm... Click on thumbnail for larger picture

March 2, 2004
Running eastbound on Number 2 Main, I caught CSX SD70MAC 4715 in the new CSX paint leading a consist of auto carriers toward Columbus Avenue as it passed the old Buckeye Manufacturing site (now an autoparts dealer).
Click on thumbnail for larger picture

March 12, 2004
They're coming from all directions! I saw the NS GP59 #4640 in Operation Lifesaver paint going South to Indy and waited for it to return to catch a photo. As luck would have it, a Westbound BNSF GP60 in the red Warbonnet scheme was being held at Gridley for the NS to come back North. If I did it right, I could catch them both. I blew the frontal shot of the NS as you can tell from the sequence and had to chase it. By the time I got back, the BNSF with another newly painted BNSF unit went past and quickly got out of reach. Click on thumbnail for larger picture

Northbound - Two shots at 31st Street and one at Pearl Street.

March 19, 2004
South Anderson Yard. Running the slack in too fast? In any case, this looks just like splitting a turnout on my model railroad. Note how the rail is laid over.
Click on thumbnail for larger picture

March 30, 2004
Gridley Yard. After After dropping a car at PQ Corporation on March 29, Y121 had a slight problem. The first photo doesn't seem to show anything, but if you look closely at the second, you will notice a wheel off of the track to the inside of the rail. The dead give-a-way? The block truck waiting for the crew. Click on thumbnail for larger picture

April 24, 2004
At the NYCSHS Convention in Indianapolis, I had the opportunity to photograph Phyllis Pangburn and Larry Baggerly. Phyllis was the first woman dispatcher in the United States. She worked for the Big Four (NYC). You can read her story at A woman named Phyllis. Larry has contributed many photos and information to the Big Four Memories Photo Album pages.

May 11, 2004
The phone rang, there was an SP SD70M in South Anderson still in the SP paint. As it would be heading East, I positioned myself across from the old Spring Air plant on 32nd Street and waited. I was rewarded when they pulled down near me for switching. I got a good look at both the SP 9806 SD70M and the UP4986 SD70M w/Flag. Click on thumbnail for larger picture

June 8, 2004
Larry Gilbert called from Chesterfield. There was a parade of BNSF locos heading into Anderson. Ok, I figured another batch of new locos and I headed out to MP245, near Gridley, as I had no idea which way they would take through Anderson. In position, I waited and was caught completely by surprise by the variety of power from the latest scheme to the green and the narrow orange band complete with Santa Fe units in the mix. I just couldn't catch them all!!
1) BNSF 5107 Orange Dash 9 44CW, 2) BNSF 9259 Green SD60M, 3) BNSF 7317 Orange SD40-2, 4) BNSF 4771 Orange Dash 9 44CW, 5) BNSF 7288 Orange SD40-2

July 13, 2004
There was an ex-SP SD40-2 coming through now owned by a Leasing Company, and I could catch it in the switching move on the main near where George Street would have come through. Standing there, I couldn't help but notice the cylindrical hopper CSXT 225668 with the strange denting. Was it too hard a hump move? The Ex-SP 8530 now carries the LTEX markings of Larry's Truck & Electric locomotive fleet.
Click on thumbnail for larger picture

July 19, 2004
NS B32 Southbound with Wisconsin Central SD45R 7531 on the point at 25th and Walnut just north of the old Delco Plant 15. An interesting thing, as she whistled for the crossings, the whistle echoed off of the buildings with the effect of two whistles for one.
Click on thumbnail for larger picture

July 31, 2004
Yesterday I received this message from Kevin W Garrett about ex-Conrail Caboose 29271
"I didn't know if you knew as it is not on the web site that CR29271 was brought from Ansonia to Anderson by the crews in Anderson to use for traveling to Emporia in the wake of the Feb Derailment. She has been in Anderson for about 2 months. CR29271 CR29271 I talked to the yardmaster and he gave me a chance to get into 21271 and talked about the clean up work they have been doing on her. She is a little worn but I am glad to see that another one of these girls has a new lease on life in Anderson."
I knew she was there Kevin, but I thought she was waiting to move on. So, I slipped over today and grabbed a couple of shots of 29271 in her new home.
Ok, for those who say that I never take any shots of South Anderson, here are 4 taken a the West end.

August 9, 2004
Ok, I went out to catch some locos on a CSX Westbound. I missed, but decided that I would shoot the consist as I almost never show what comes through here. I did get UP (ex-SP) C44AC 6385 and BNSF Dash9-44CW 5038.

September 15, 2004
It's the CSX Track Geometry Car (Train) with CSX GP40-2 6025 leading, and I could get into position to catch it at 32nd Street. Yeah, right! People pulled up and parked right at the spot I shoot from, so, I took my best shot (which wasn't too good) at it from the street.
The Geometry Train was followed by Q348 Eastbound with CSX SD50 8662 on the point.

September 20, 2004
I caught CEFX (ex-SP) 9392 SD45T-2 sitting in South Anderson. This is a Tunnel Motor locomotive that was used in the long tunnels SP and D&RGW used. The air intakes were low on the body allowing the engines to breath better.

As I looked around, I noticed this Winchester & Western 2 bay covered hopper with the graffiti and this row of wheels waiting to be needed. It's hard to see in the photo, but there are at least two sizes here.

October 9, 2004
My wife Lynn and I travel to Lafayette Indiana for the dedication of the Monon Memorial at 18th and McDoel Avenue. The Memorial honors of the men and women who worked at the shops and is at the site of the old entrance to the Monon Shops. The shops did everything from locomotive repair to the conversion of WW II hospital cars into modern passenger cars.

Above: 3) Tom Pierce, Sr., President & Paul Hensley, Vice President of the Monon Neighborhood Association; 4) Paul Hensley; 5) Tony Roswarski, Mayor of Lafayette.
Below: 6) & 7) Ribbon cutting; 8) all that is left of the Shops; 9) the old coaling tower; 10) one of the cakes.

It was short ceremony without tons of rhetoric and fanfare. The real highlight for me was when Mayor Roswarski asked all those who had worked there to come up and stand behind the ribbon cutters as the ribbon was cut. Here were folks who had been there when the Shops were a going concern. Some old and some older, but all who could stepped up to be there when their memorial was dedicated. The only thing missing was the sound of a locomotive whistle at that moment.

Afterward, refreshments were shared at the nearby McAllister Center courtesy of The Monon Neighborhood Association. Our son Paul and his wife Janet are very active in the Association and have been involved in the effort to make this Memorial a reality. For more information and photos, visit the Monon Historical Society site. Click Here

October 21, 2004
An e-mail told me that BNSF 111 had been in an accident and was in South Anderson. Both BNSF 111 an ex-Santa Fe GP60M still in SF paint and BNSF 4408, a Dash 9-44CW in Orange and Green had been damaged. Handrails on both locos were bent and wrapped in yellow Police Line tape. Only the corners were damaged. Interesting...

November 6, 2004
32nd and Pitt Street produced another shot of ex-SP motive power. Here is the UP/SP 349 a C44AC and the UP 2272 SD60M.

November 10, 2004
Things aren't all bleak around here. The old Magnaquench plant has been acquired by a plastics company and has put in a couple of tracks that opened this Fall to receive covered hoppers. Unfortunately, without a telephoto lens, I can't get a good shot.

However, there is something that I could catch. After about 9(?) years of disuse, Guide 6 & 7 tracks are placed back into service to deliver a boxcar load of lumber to Tru Cut. With much squealing and poping, the load was delivered with no problems and the car moved into the building where eventually there will be room for two cars.

But, wait, there's more...
It was a busy day. Later in the afternoon came word that Illinois & Midland SD45 #462 was the second unit on an Eastbound pulling into SA to make a pick up.

November 20, 2004
The weather is gloomy and drizzling when I hear that NS B32 is running a Southbound with CN and CP Rail power. I planted myself again at 25th and Walnut and did capture a couple of shots. CN 2655 C44-9W was leader with CP Rail 6002 SD40-2 following. Not being satisfied, I drove over to South Anderson and caught them again on the main.

Picture Credits:
All photos not otherwise marked are by Roger Hensley.

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